Why Most Sales Training Fail ?

Knowing The Reasons ! 

Yes, this is a huge pain for several business and companies that most of the sales training programs don’t result with the needed objectives. This should drive us to understand and know the exact reasons of sales training failure. In the past 5 years when delivering sales training programs for companies the following aspects have been witnessed: 

1- The Sales Team is NOT Motivated

Other than incentivising the sales team with an efficient compensation plan, the team must be encouraged to conduct the daily sales activities and objectives by the sales managers with monitoring and coaching sessions as they will be automatically eager to learn and gain more experience with sales training programs. 

2- The Content of The Programs is Generic

Delivering the content for each industry is totaly different, either by the selling skills needed, the processes, and the common sales objections that come from the target audience. The delivered program MUST be based on building the base sales knowledge plus the field needed selling skills and the practical part that is focusing on the main selling actions with directing the team instantaneously during thier sales activities. 

3- Every Salesperson is Unique

This is why the one on one coahing sessions are highly recommended in each sales training program as it shows the main strengths and weaknesses in each sales team member. This is the key of evaluating the sales team in terms of their attitude and then their actual sales performance. 

4- The Whole Program Based on Theoretical Form

Non of the salespeople are theoratical, they are all driven by applying the sales techniques and skills in the market then waiting for the feedback to be reported to the sales management. Adding this skill to the team which is the reporting of the market and customers feedaback to the management, it’s not easy but important so the management will be designing a new sales strategy that will be delivered by the salespeople again. 

5- The Training Don’t Stick

Meaning that every sales training program is never good when it’s an event of 2 to 3 days event of the structure of delivering a lecture. Yes, the sales training prgrams should always be continuous on weekly basis to deliver the needed selling skills and following with the updates the week after. In this case all the content will be dramatically sticking in the salespeople minds and will last for long with its values. 

Making It Better & Efficient

As always, solutions and recommendations are highly needed to improve. When I conduct the sales coaching and training with several companies in different industries, taking into consideration many aspects such as evaluating and assessing the sales team before and after the intensive delivered program. The reason is to check on the development of the selling attitude of each salesperson that will be reflected on the actual sales performance and results. Moreover, repeating the cycle of the sales training by make it intensive and frequent and long term is the key of a sales training success.