The Driver of The Sales Performance

Whatever You Measure, You Can Manage

Imagine that you are driving a car without any dashboard of the main signals such as speed, oil, water, tires inflation, etc. Whenever you have an isse with the car, or your speed has been decreased without slowing down by yourself then you’ll never know the reason of this bad condition. And this applies for every field in our life, sport, cooking, education, you name it. This is why we always say that whatever you measure then you definately can manage. Now in sales, because the main aspect is to build a sales management system that tracks our sales performance and measure the quality of the sales strategy, the team selling skills, the sales channels, and the needed sales KPIs. 

The Beginning is Always The Battle

In every morning sales meeting the management and the team go through tough conversations as each of them will blame the other for the bad performance and at the same time each of them will fight for the credit when it comes to better performance. The best practice and solutions for this debate is set the sales KPIs to track who’s winning the game and lifting up the company’s performance. Taking into consideration that the sales performane improvement must start from a good hiring process to onboard the bes calibres who will sell efficiently and apply the sales strategy by best selling skills. Afterwards, the sales KPIs will come to judge the performance. So what can we manage ? 

Let’s agree that we don’t manage numbers, and we don’t manage results ! Yes, the only thing that we can really manage is the daily and weekly selling activities which are the calls, meetings, follow ups and whatever that lead to sell. Aren’t you training everyday in the gym to be in shape ? Aren’t you controlling and managing the daily practices that you do ? And you know for a fact that you will never control the results. We believe that we gain the best results becuase we spent huge time and huge effort of working and investing. 

This is why we should manage our effort and time not the results. Building the sales management system needs to set the proper KPIs in order to manage the selling activities, so we can manage how many calls we’ve done and what is the feedback to ensure a better sales conversation in the future selling activities. We can manage the daily and weekly sales meetings and the content of each meeting and the feedback to ensure faster close in the future sales meeting. We can manage the daily and weekly follow ups and the feedback to ensure understanding the customers needs and desires in the future sales follow ups. But, all the results of these actions are neither controllable nor manageable. In each sales management we think that we should focus on the revenue, growth, market share, etc. But we should rather focus on drafting the applicable sales strategy, defining the sales process and pipeline.